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Drivers License
drivers license image International driver’s license holders
Holders of International Driver’s License can drive in Korea for one year since the issuance of the license.
Documents necessary to get Korean Driver’s License for foreigners who hold driver’s license from their home country
driver’s license issued by their home country, passport or Alien Registration Certificate, three photos (3 4cm), a translation of their Driver’s License (driver’s licenses in English are exempt), written confirmation from your embassy, processing fee of KRW 10 thousand.
Obtaining Korean Driver’s License
There are two types of Korean Driver’s License(Type Iand Type II) depending upon the type of vehicle.
To get Driver’s License, applicants must pass (1) a written test, and (2) a function test and a road driving test.
Written test: passport, Certificate of Alien Registration, two half-business card size photos (3 4cm), a fee of KRW 9,000.
Function test: passport, Certificate of Alien Registration, application form, a fee of KRW 13,000.
Road driving test: passport, Certificate of Alien Registration, a fee of KRW 15,000
※Driver’s License Agency
nquiries: Telephone number: 1577-1120
Website (information available in English, Japanese, and Chinese)
Aptitude test and renewing Driver’s License
Type I Driver’s License holders must take an aptitude test within the period specified on their Driver’s License. Type II Driver’s License holders must renew their license within the period specified on their Driver’s License.
For more information, see
Vehicle purchase and Registration
Vehicle image New vehicles
Because vehicle registration procedure is complicate, foreigners who purchase new cars are recommended to ask dealers to make registration on their behalf. Acquisition tax (2%), registration tax (5%) and Rail road bond (20%) are imposed on buyers.

※ Required documentation
-Alien Registration Card and passport
-Two Korean guarantors and immigration certificate if a foreigner does not possess Alien Registration Card.
-Liability insurance policy and national bond
Used vehicles
It’s not a duty of the used car dealers to register vehicles on behalf of their customers. However, they generally provide vehicle registration service. Foreigners are recommened to go with interpreters to a vehicle registration office in their district. A fine is supposed to be imposed on the buyers if he fails to register the vehicle within 15 days from the contract date. Acquisition tax(2%), registration tax(5%) and rail road bond(6%) are imposed on the buyer.
※Required documentation
- Vehicle registration card
- Vehicle inspection certificate
- Alien Registration Card and passport
- Two guarantors and immigration certificate if a foreigner does not possess Alien Registration Card.
- Contract of transfer of ownership (legal forms)
- Liability insurance policy and national bond
Vehicle registration
When purchase was made in Korea
Immediately after purchasing a vehicle, the vehicle must be registered at the Transportation Division of Seongbuk-gu Office. When an agent registers the vehicle, proxy written by the owner and owner’s seal must be submitted.
※Required documents
-Original of Certificate of Vehicle Manufacture
-Copy of the owner’s Alien Registration Card
-Copy of liability insurance policy
-Original of Temporary Driving Permission
-Temporary license plate
-Receipt of registration tax
-Receipt of Regional Development Promotion Bond
※ For more details, contact Transport Administration Division, Seongbuk District Office. (2nd floor, main office Tel: 02-920-3948)
Negligence fine when reporting of change is delayed
Violation type Duration and number of violation Amount of negligence fine
Address, name, registration number, delayed reporting of diverse types of changes including change in nationality 15-90 days KRW 20,000
Every third day, KRW 10,000 is added if payment is not made Up to KRW 300,000
When the violation of same time was made more than twice Up to KRW 450,000
Parking violation
Parking violation image Negligence fines will be imposed on vehicles parked on the road where parking line is not drawn. The vehicles may be even towed away. Please use parking spaces when parking.
※ Negligence fine for parking violation
Vehicle types Negligence fine
Bus KRW 50,000
Passenger car KRW 40,000
Motorcycle KRW 30,000
Bicycle, etc. KRW 20,000
When your vehicle is towed
when your vehicle is towed image When a vehicle that violated parking regulation was towed, a notice is attached to the location where the vehicle was parked. The notice includes information on the location of the towed vehicle. To retrieve the vehicle, the following must be submitted: Driver’s License, Certificate of Alien Registration if the license is not Korean, towing fee (KRW 40,000-115,000, depending upon the size of the vehicle. A storage fee of KRW 700 is added every 30 minutes. In addition, one or two months later, parking violation fee of KRW 40,000-50,000 must be paid after receiving a notice sent by mail.
※ Towing and storage fees
Violation type Towing fee Storage fee
Less than 2.5 tons KRW 40,000 KRW 700 per 30 minutes (up to KRW 50,000 per towing)
2.5-6.5 tons KRW 46,000 (up to KRW 50,000 per towing)
6.5-10 tons KRW 66,000 KRW 1,200 per 30 minutes (up to KRW 500,000 per towing)
More than 10 tons KRW 115,000 KRW 1,200 per 30 minutes (up to KRW 500,000 per towing)
Automobile insurance
Procedure for becoming a member of an automobile insurance plan is almost identical for Koreans and foreigners alike. After making inquiries to insurance companies, bring passport and Certificate of Alien Registration to subscribe to an insurance.
Insurance companies Telephones
Green Fire and Marine Insurance 1588-5959
Daehan Fire & Marine Insurance 02-778-8572
Dongbu Insurance 1588-0100
LG Insurance 1544-0114
Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance 1588-5114
Hanhwa Non-life Insurance 1566-8000
Kyobo Life Insurance 1588-1001
Traffic laws
Right lane is for driving and left lane is often used as passing lane.
Drivers and people seated in passenger seats must fasten their seat belts.
Traffic laws
Korea’s traffic laws and traffic signals are identical with those in advanced industrialized countries.
Korea’s traffic laws are available from
When accidents occur
When small car accidents occur, Koreans tend to reach an agreement without getting the police or insurance companies involved. Considering problems in communicating, however, foreigners are recommended to carry phone numbers of insurance companies and their Korean friends and cameras for taking pictures of the incident site.
※ Necessary When serious car accidents occur
-Help injured people first.
-Report it to the police(dial 112): if anyone is injured, call for an ambulance(dial 119)
-Take the picture of the accident site and move the vehicle to the roadside.
-Contact the insurance company.
-Request Driver’s License to the other party and record name, telephone number, and plate number.
Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles
Wearing helmet is a requirement when driving two-wheeled vehicle in Korea. Otherwise, a fine has to be paid. Furthermore, all traffic regulations are applied to motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. In general, two-wheeled vehicles cannot be driven in roads such as expressways, which are exclusively used by automobiles. Violators will be fined.